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Daily Tutorial Roundup 1

I’m going to post Photoshop Tutorials Links here daily from now on. I think daily links to the best tutorials online would add value to this site. Well here goes:

pixelart.GIFThis tutorial is a nice photoshop pixel art 101. If you have always wondered how to get the lines thin enough or how to add basic textures and colors to pixel art then check this tutorial out. [ Read ] [ Mirror ] note: Try to keep your pixel art consistent. In this tutorial, the writer adds non-pixelish trees and grass and shadows and smudges to the final image and in my opinion that doesn’t work too well for the over all image.

pixarttexture.JPGAfter going through the previous tutorial you should checkout the pixel texture tutorial. I really enjoyed this tutorial and I think it’s perfect. [ Read ]

pic15.jpgHere is another high quality tutorial that will help you create a very realistic looking mechanical pencil. You will learn about gradients, blending options and layer effects by following this tutorial. [ Read ]

39activewindow8kx.pngThis is the first tutorial by It teaches you how to achieve a chrome pipe effect. They are off to a great start and I look forward to their future tutorials. [ Read ]

This was the first Daily Tutorial Roundup. I’m going to post one everyday with the highest quality tutorials that I can find!

Thanks for reading. As always comments are very welcome! 🙂

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