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Along with Photoshop Tutorials, Tips and News I’m going to post all the latest art works created by artists who use Photoshop. Since this is the first Photoshop Art post I’m going to show every one the art of Craig Mullins. He is possibly the most amazing modern artist I know of.

I’ve had a few opportunities of talking on him on various web forums where he frequents. He’s a very friendly and helpful person and he always takes his time to reply to all posts directed at him (and believe me there are TONS). I am a big fan of his (as if you can’t tell 🙂 ).

First Photoshop art post goes to the art of Craig Mullins :D. I’m going to go ahead and link his entire gallery because every work of art posted is, in my opinion, breathtaking!

Artist Name: Craig Mullins


Full Gallery:

I have not yet decided how my Photoshop Art posts are going to be arranged in the future. I will probably pick an impressive art work done in photoshop and dedicate an entire post to it. We’ll see how it goes 🙂

4 thoughts on “Craig Mullins’

  1. Demion

    He is a legend no doubt. I wish i could get one hour of time from him and get some insight on how he manages what he does. His secret of light! Btw, that is also my favorite peace by him…

  2. damani hughes

    i’m very happy to hear that you are featuring work by craig mullins. i am a huge fan of his work and while i enjoy his site, tutorials by him are a little difficult to find. if you know of any or you know the sites that visits most, your advice would be much appreciated. i am an aspiring artist myself and i think he has some of the most amazing digital (and traditional) work i have ever seen!

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