6 thoughts on “Fairy Dust

  1. Arutha

    Would have been nice if you had emailed me 2 ask for permission to link to it. But i dont mind :p

    Thanks for the link


  2. Khurrum Post author

    Hello 🙂

    I’m sorry. I did not realize that you would have prefered that I email before linking 🙂 In the future I will be sure to ask you first.

  3. idiot

    yeah, because the internet is a place where one puts things they don’t want to be shared.
    and boy, is extra traffic pesky! isn’t that what everyone wants? besides power trips, that is…

  4. Arutha

    Its fine m8, you can link without permission it just makes life a little harder with the referals for the tutorials etc if i get links in. I like to keep track off where i link in so i can link there in the future. The permission part is just so i have a record off it


  5. Danielle

    I was so disappointed when I tried to click on the link for how to achieve the fairy dust effect. It looks so beautiful and I’m dying to find out how to do it. Is there another link somewhere?

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