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High Quality Tutorials from other sites

How to remove power lines from your Pictures

This is a handy yet simple tutorial that demonstrates the use of cloning.

power lines

From the articles intro:

This tutorial will teach you how to remove those annyoing powerlines while leaving the original image un-touched. I have to say I find myself using this removal technique on many landscape images, very usefull indeed. This techiniaue takes about 10 minutes to completey remove any traces of powerlines, but again it depends on the amount of lines

Cick here to view the tutorial

8 Basic Steps of Image Editing

The 8 Basic Steps of Image Editing

Matt LeClair has posted a nice little list of basic steps of Image editting. It’s pretty simple but it’s helpful for beginniners:

Step 1: Crop, Rotate & Scale

Step 2: Fix Scratches & Dust using the Clone Tool

Step 3: Expand the Tonal Range using Levels

Step 4: Add Contrast using Curves

Step 5: Adjust Midtones using Curves

Step 6: Adjust Color using Curves

Step 7: Improve Sharpness using Unsharp Mask

Step 8: Compare

Visit the site for detailed tutorials on each step

Soft-Edged Cel-Shading

Soft-Edged Cel-Shading has posted a tutorial for creating soft=edged cel shading.

It’s a very simple tutorial but the effects can be nice.

Before following this tutorial make sure that the image you are using has lots of big shapes of solif colors. Otherwise you’ll get lots of untidy scattered lines.