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The Art of John Wallin

Thmnail Prepare your selves for having your socks blown off. Infact, tie up your sock drawer as well because that’s about to burst open as well. This is the link to the amazing artist, John Wallin Liberto. If you keep up with digital artists on the internet you already know about him. If not then here is an excerpt from his site about him:

John Wallin is a freelance artist/illustrator operating in Stockholm,Sweden. He has worked on computer games, feature films, and television projects. Currently hes doing concept design and production illustration for Epic Games’ upcoming release: Gears of War (makers of Unreal and Unreal Tournament).

The thumb nail on this post is of a painting John Wallin created for the upcoming game called Gears of war. You simply HAVE to go to his site ( click here! ) and then click on galleries. Click on his Gears of War gallery and then prepare to be left breathless.

Yes, folks. Everything you see there was created in Adobe Photoshop (the program thats probably sitting open on your computer right now). He has worked on Harry Potter Movies, Ridick, and now he’s working on Gears of War.

I will see if I can find any tutorials posted by him somewhere and then post them here 🙂

Artist: John Wallin Liberto
Web Site:

Anthony’s Isometric Race

anthony goes Mr. Anthony recently added this digital art work, called “Isometric Race“, on his website.

The artwork has been posted in three different sizes at the links are available at:

The color, the composition, the perspective and everything about this artwork is amazing! I’m not sure if this was colored using Photoshop but this is an example of what can be created using a digital medium. Obviously, the talent and knowledge about art is needed before you even start to create anything.

Awesome Job Mr. Anthony (Sorry . I don’t know his last name)



Well.. I’m going to have to tie this post with Photoshop some how.. so yea here goes…

This animated GIF file was created with Imageready which comes with Photoshop! I’m just posting this here because it’s so very funny! Enjoy.


I have no idea who made this but it’s awesome! 😀

Lina Hannson : Photography, Illustration, handcrafts

Lina HannsonI am currently working on a Pen Tool Tutorial and since its taking a while I’m going to post links to other adobe photoshop resources in the mean time.

This is Lina Hansson. She is an amazing person with talent over flowing from her ears! Here is a picture of her with the talent flying around her head.

I really don’t remember how I happened to stumble across her website a few years ago. It was probably after I saw her photography and art work on various web forums that I e-stalked her and started camping outside her site.

You probably just clicked on the link and you’ve noticed how simple and elegant everything looks. Click on her showcase to see some of her amazing art work. As you can see that is some awesome stuff :o.

She is a very talented photographer who supplements her work with photoshop to create digital masterpieces. In my opinion, people should learn from her and try to create their own style but still keep in mind the basics of photography such as importance of simplicity; focus on the subject matter; and a good composition. In the future we’ll probably have tutorials about that stuff 😀

Website: Fromamouth


Katherine Dinger


Katheryn is one of my good online friends who also happens to be one of the best online artists ever! Check out her home page at: Pocket Mole

Art Gallery:

Photography Gallery:

Katheryns Tutorials

Everyone will agree that this is HIGHLY generous of her. Here are direct links to her tutorials:

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