Julieanne Kosts Training Collection

kosts dvd Software Cinema just announced that they have released a new training DVD set focused at beginners and advanced users of Adobe Photoshop. The big news is that it features Julieanne Kost, a leading Photoshop expert.

There are a total of three DVDs. You have the option of buying them seperately, or altogether at once.

The DVDs are:

  • Photoshop CS2 Fundamentals – $ 159
  • Learn essential skills that will become a foundation for a creative and efficient workflow. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Photoshop workspace environment and navigate with confidence into the myriad of menus and dialog boxes. Julieanne teaches timesaving and pixel-preserving techniques including some intermediate methods such as color management, tonal adjustments, layers, masking and camera RAW

  • Photoshop CS2 Advanced Techniques – $ 159
  • Methods taught in this program will launch you into advanced realms and give you an artistic edge. Master the Pen Tool. Automate your workflow with actions, batch processing and droplets. Learn to fine tune, control and customize paint brushes. Keep your promotional materials looking fresh and current with typography special effects like Type-on-a-Path and Knockout. Create shape layers and vector masks and composite a fine art montage masterpiece

  • Photoshop CS2 Extras – $ 49
  • Receive the Photoshop CS2 Fundamental Techniques, Photoshop CS2 Advanced Techniques, Photoshop CS2 Extras plus additional bonuses including: New Adobe Bridge workflow automaton techniques and presentation methods utilizing Photo Web Gallery and PDF to showcase your portfolio

and the bundle is:

Photoshop CS2 3 disk Combo set – $ 299

It looks like good stuff if you can afford it. If you can’t then obviously there are other less expensive resources available at your local book store or heck even this site. Keep checking here every now and then since we plan on covering all sorts of tutorials and techniques 🙂

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