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expression box The (semi) big news today in the “Photoshop world” is that microsoft just officially unveiled a complete suite of tools to compete with Adobe.

A beta version of their graphics software can be downloaded for free here. It was met with a few reviews that shed some not-so-flattering light on it.

Competition is good and this should keep everyone on their toes. I don’t know how this will be met by the graphics community but after looking at Microsofts recent history I have a hunch that Adobe has nothing to worry about.

The Expression suite includes Acrylic Graphic Designer for painting and illustration, and Quartz Web Designer for layout and design when building websites.

You can almost hear the collective sound of the entire graphics and design community going “Meh..”

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  1. Ignat

    Wow, I was looking for a blog like this one. Photoshop tips are always welcomed. Anyway I’ll be checking back soon to check out some posts.

  2. Khurrum Post author

    Thank you very much for your comment 🙂 Currently working on Pen Tool and Adjustment Layers Tips and Tutorials. Welcome to 🙂

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