Lightcrafts’ LightZone

lightcrafts Lightcrafts demonstrated their new LightZone program that they say is much better than our beloved Photoshop. LightCrafts CEO Dean Tucker called LightZone the “biggest breakthrough in photo editing software since PhotoShop was first introduced.”

An actual video of the presentation they did at DemoFall can be viewed at this page (click here)

Everything that is demonstrated in that video is also easily doable in Photoshop. From the video it seemed like the guy was using a tool like the magetic lasso and then changing the brightness values. I will wait for the reviews (or free demo) before I will pass my judgement.

Currently, the impression that I got from the video is that they have a simple program comparable to Googles Picassa and they are desperately trying to attract attention by comparing it to Photoshop. Also the words at the end of the presentation that said how the great photographers of today will be using Lightzone to create great works of art seemed very offensive. That is like saying that the master chefs create good food because they use a specific companys pot to cook their food in.