Painting Realistic Eyes – Linda Bergkvist

Eye Tutorial Screen Shot Linda Bergkvist of has a very detailed step by step tutorial on how to paint realistic eyes over at CGNetworks.

I remember that a few years ago she once did this before but it was only for members of her forum. This one, however, is far more detailed and has far better explanations and results.

Click here for the Tutorial

Click here to go to Linda’s site

Eye picture is ©Linda Bergkvist

2 thoughts on “Painting Realistic Eyes – Linda Bergkvist

  1. Ron Frank Hill

    Today I joined the CGSociety which I am already having fun. I came upon your work which I enjoyed a lot. I am very new to the field but I will get their.
    I am in the end of my advance stage in learning Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended, Adobe Illustrator CS3 and Adobe Flash Pro. I am thinking of learning web design but also Digital Matte Painting.
    I am located in the Caribbean which will be very hard for me to locate anyone in that field in Trinidad and Tobago but I want to be the first.

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