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I just saw a link to at Jennifer Apple has also asked the owner of a few questions.

I was sad to see that there were no ninja brushes 🙁

From their site:

What is this site? is a Photoshop brush search engine. It exists to make finding brushes faster and more accurately.

We’ve implemented a tag system of describing and finding brushes. We were tired of searching for brushes on websites and just finding that every link either had no description of the brushes available on the site or just talked about how awesome their site was…which obviously was of no help. Tags exist as a method of describing the sites and nothing more. The element of self promotion has been removed…thank goodness.

The tags that they DO have are:

grape 1930s 1960s abstract alphabet anatomica antique ants arrows art autumn baby bands barcode beach birds blood board bones borders boxes broken bubbles butterflies butterfly buttons caffeine calligraphy cameras cars cartoon celestial chains children chinese chocolate circles clocks clouds code coffee corners cosmos cracked crosses dance dark darts death deco dirt dirty dividers dna doodle doodles doves dragonflies dragons drawings dust dusty edge elements elvis emoticons evil eye eyes face faces faith fall faries feathers female fender film finger fingerprints fish flames flora floral flourishes flower flowers fog foliage forensic fossils fruitlabels games geometric geometry ghost girl glass gothic graves graveyard grenades grid grids grunge guitars hair hairs halloween hanson hats haunted hearts html icons ink innocence insects interface iron japanese kawaii keyboards killer kisses ladies ladybugs large leaf leaves letters library light lightning lines lingerie lipstick logos lyrics machine magazines magic makeup masking masks math metal military milkyway mist money moon moons muscle-cars music nature newspaper newspapers notes numbers obscene old orbs outerspace paint palm paper papermark paris party patterns pen people petals phoenix photogrunge photos pixel planets polaroids pottery printer punk radios rain ray retro rock rust scans schematics scratches scrbibble scribble scribbles shapes shoes signs simpsons sketch sketched sketches skies skull skulls snowflakes soccer space sparkles sparks spiritual splashes splat splatter splatters sports squares stain stained stains stamps star starbursts stardust stars stone stones strands strange streetsigns surf swirlies swirls tapes tattoos tech technical techno techy text textures toga toiletry tools torn trails transparent trees tribal turntables type unique unshaped vector veins victorian vines vintage waves wedding weird wings winter women wood words worn x-rays zombies

Why do they have a search page when you are only limited to using already existing tags in the search field? It’s better to just go to their tags page and click on the tag you want.

Visit by clicking here.

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