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Clone Tool

Clone Icon Now we are going to check out the Clone Tool. Basically what this does is that it copies an original image and then instead of directly pasting it some where else it allows us to use a brush to paint the original somewhere else. That gives us a lot more control over what is copied and pasted.

I have created another short Flash Demo for the Clone Tool. Click on more to view the flash demo and to view more technical details about the clone tool.

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Patch Tool

Patch Tool Icon This tool is what you would want to use if your image has torn clothes, or stains, or holes in walls, or blemishes etc. This is very similar to the Healing Brush tool except with the patch tool you can define a selection where you want the effects applied.

The Healing Brush Tool acted like a brush where as the Patch tool acts like one of the Lasso Tools. Once again the best way to learn how to use this tool is by using it! So go ahead and launch photoshop. You will find the patch tool hiding under the Healing Brush tool. Just click on the healing brush tool icon and hold your mouse button down until you see a new menu pop up. It will look like this:

Patch Tool Location
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Healing Brush Tool

Healing Brush ToolThis is one tool that everyone wishes they had in their make up kit. Acne, Scars, Bruises, Torture marks, Burn marks, stab wounds, etc can all be easily fixed using this tool.

The way this works is that you choose an area where everything is the way you want it to be. Photoshop notes down the textures, colors and lighting of the source area. Next you click on the area that needs to be repaired. Photoshop carefully adjusts all the pixels so that the textures and lighting still match and all the surrounding pixels look normal as well.

The best way to learn about this is by getting some examples.

Here is Scarface. We’ll try and remove his scar. Continue reading

Magic Wand Tool

magic wand The Magic wand tool is fairly simple to understand. You just point it at an area and click and it will select all the areas with continuous similar color values around where you clicked.

It is fairly simple to use but I seem to be having problems explaining what exactly it does so I’m going to demonstrate it using screen shots.

Magic wand demo 1Here is a picture of the front bumper of the car. I can see that it has a continuous area of white. I want to select it quickly and I don’t want to mess around with Lasso tools. A situation like this is perfect for the magic wand tool. In this screen shot I have selected the Magic Wand Tool and I am about to click on the front bumper of the car.
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