Shoot to thrill By Simon Tsang ( Photography Tips )

digital photography Some Digital Photography Tips and Tricks have been posted by Simon Tsang.

We’ve called on professionals for their advice and compiled a top-10 list of tips to improve your digital photography. It won’t turn you into a Max Dupain or a Ken Duncan overnight, but it will make your slideshow nights a bit more popular and breathe new life into your photo albums.

The article goes over a few basics titled:

  • 1. Basic composition
  • 2. Keep your focus
  • 3. Flash it
  • 4. Steady on
  • 5. Be creative
  • 6. Quiet achievements
  • 7. Get it together
  • 8. Be prepared
  • 9. Depth of field
  • 10. Shoot ’em up

Check it out here

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